return of the legendary lord

A LitRPG harem fantasy

A note from me

Sit back, switch your eyeballs on or pop your earbuds in and let me take you on a journey

There is a place of heroes and villains, pots of gold at the end of shimmering rainbows, where waterfalls cascade down slate-riven mountains, and in this place there be monsters. It is a land where all your fantasies are played out through the guise of characters, strong, intelligent, adaptable and just goddam dashing–where the hero always gets the girl, albeit it sometimes eventually. It is where you can hide from reality, where dew soaks grass like scattered jewels, and dragons fly overhead, where elves play mystical and goblins linger in murky caves.

These are my lands, but you may tread them, revel in their adventures, their loves, their losses, for they are your lands too, and together we will fight monsters, amass riches, and yes, we will get the girl, for you, my friend, are a giant too.

Seth Pike (the weapon, not the fish)

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